CBD Edibles

Why Would I Choose A CBD Edible Or Gummy?

You may find that a CBD oil tincture is not always the best practical on-the-go solution. That’s where CBD edibles come in. They not only come with a range of added benefits but are also a tasty way to treat your body at an affordable price point. In addition, CBD edibles are conveniently portioned, which makes it easy to manage your dosage.

While some love the natural flavour of CBD, others may find it tough to swallow. Luckily CBD edible producers add other all-natural ingredients, making all the available products enjoyable for consumption. With your tastebuds top of min, the vast range of CBD products that we offer for delivery come in many flavours.

These quality and tasty CBD infused products are an accessible, on-the-go solution created for your convenience. Beautifully packaged and fully discreet, they designed to look like gummy bears, sweets or even mints.

Life has never been busier, and despite health being a common concern, no one wants to add inconvenience to our day-to-day schedules. Most of us feel that between balancing the stress of work-life, family and still finding time for friends, we are constantly active. Yet, with our delicious CBD infused collection, and quick delivery, you can still enjoy all the benefits of CBD, no matter how your day pans out. With fun packaging, they are easily carried and consumable, whether you are rushing between meetings, on your way to the gym, or fetching the kids from school.

There is no doubt that our CBD edibles stock gives you all the benefits of any CBD product, plus many delicious flavours to choose from. In addition, the price point is much lower than many of the oils, allowing you to add an exciting range to your cart.

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Will CBD Edibles Get Me High?

Are you concerned that using CBD edible products may get you high?

Reasonably new on the market, there are still many myths circulating about CBD. One could go as far as to say there is still a slight stigma around using hemp products. Luckily, you do not have to worry. Edibles are safe to consume in the morning, or any time of the day, without affecting your sense of reality.

Moreover, CBD Edibles come with a range of natural benefits to help improve your lifestyle.

Benefits include:
  • Anti-inflammatory effects to manage chronic pain.
  • Increased wellness and a greater quality of life.
  • Flexiblity to incorporate CBD into your lifestyle however it works for you. You can choose anything from drinks to edible options.

CBD contains little to no THC, the psychoactive compound that causes you to get high. THC is a natural chemical found in the Cannabis sativa plant, commonly available as marijuana or hemp. Unlike marijuana which has a high THC content, CBD (extracted from industrial) has low levels of, or they are often removed entirely.

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Everything About CBD Edibles
(CBD Gummies and CBD Sweets)

What Different Types of CBD Edibles are There?

There are several different types of edibles, infused with CBD for your wellness. Add to your day by including some gummies and snack bars. Or opt for something a little different such as a CBD-infused tea or coffee. There are other varieties of edibles sold on the market, including vegan options, CBD chocolate, CBD honey and even honey sticks.

3 Amazing Treats We Offer Are:
  • Orange County CBD gummies that are conveniently packaged for on-the-go and are available in 3 sizes. Their gummies are set at an excellent price point. In addition, they offer a fantastic range of flavours, including cherry, strawberry and mixed gummy bottles, conveniently portioned with the perfect amount of CBD per sweet. These sweet treats are designed to help people live better, continuously researching the benefits of CBD and how they can deliver the best possible product.
  • Zen Bears are a fun way to enjoy a CBD treat. With a price of £39.95 for a 600g jar, you get a lot for your money. Not only that, but they are also vegan-friendly, with zero THC content! In addition, Zen Bears are free from processed ingredients, allowing you to add only good to your body.
  • Nooro CBD Snack Bars are another vegan CBD option. Each contains 25mg of CBD per bar. They will add flavour to your day, whether you choose Banana and Cinnamon, Sour Cherry and Dark Chocolate, or Lemon and Ginger.

Whether your price point is £19.99, £34.99 or even £44.99, there are so many edible options to add to your day.

Will CBD Edibles Get Me High?

No, CBD Edibles will not make you high. The psychoactive compound THC that causes one to get high is present in such negligible doses that there is no chance of experiencing a high.

What are the Benefits of CBD Edibles Compared to other CBD Products?

CBD edibles are conveniently packaged making it easy to monitor and manage your dose, whether at home, or work. Unlike capsules, edibles add to your experience as they are easy to chew and swallow. Because edibles like sweets; they add to your enjoyment and mask the natural CBD flavour.

Will CBD Edibles Help with my Pain?

CBD can help with your general wellbeing and support overall wellness. Many of our clients find them to be a helpful addition to their pain management routine.

How Long Does CBD Take to Work?

The effects of ingesting CBD can usually be noticed within one to two hours of intake and should be taken consistantly over time to fill the full benefits.

Does CBD Show Up in a Drug Test?

You may be concerned about using CBD edibles for fear that they will show up in drug tests.

The good news is that if you add CBD to your daily routine, it’s improbable that the THC levels would show up on drug screenings. These tests are designed to specifically look for the presence of THC and THC metabolites in your body. Some CBD products can contain small amounts of CBD, but you would need to ingest large quantities for a positive test result.

A regular and completely legal dosage of 10mg or 25mg of CBD will very unlikely be detected in a drug test. If this is a concern for you, choose a product that contains broad-spectrum CBD which has a THC level of 0%.

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